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Ashes Remain - Ashes Remain - Last Day Breathing (2007) [FULL ALBUM]

The second independent album by Baltimore-based Christian rock band Ashes Remain. This is the first album to feature current bass player Jon Hively, after Ben Ogden left the group in September 2004. This album is much heavier compared to their previous work, and the first album where vocalist Josh Smith uses screamed vocals, though they are only used in the song Run. The songs Pain, After All This, Cry Out and Broken Pieces were rerecorded from Lose the Alibis. Separated was released as a single in a slightly different form heard here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUMMXRAG2xM All songs belong to Ashes Remain and I take no credit for them. If you like this album, then purchase it on iTunes.

Track Listing:
Pain: 0:00
Separated 5:16
Fervor 8:53
After All This (w/ Via Dolorosa) 12:56
Run 17:48
Cry Out 23:05
Broken Pieces 27:47
The Meditation (Luke 15) 33:20
Gemini 37:07
Seasons Change 41:28
Listen 45:34

Original MP3 bit rates: Ripped directly from original CD, 320 kbps