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Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys - An Open Letter To NYC


Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten
From the Battery to the top of Manhattan
Asian, Middle Eastern and Latin
Black, white, New York you make it happen

[Verse 1]
Brownstones, water towers, trees, skyscrapers
Writers, prize fighters, and Wall Street traders
We come together on the subway cars
Diversity unified, whoever you are

Uh, we doing fine on the One and Nine line
On the L we're doing swell
On the number ten bus we fight and fuss
Because we're thorough in the boroughs
And that's a must
I remember when the Deuce was all porno flicks
Running home after school to play Pix
At lunch I'd go to Blimpies down on Montague Street
And hit the Fulton Street Mall for the sneakers on my feet

Dear New York, I hope you're doing well
I know a lot's happen and you've been through hell
So, we give thanks for providing a home
Through your gates at Ellis Island we passed in droves


[Verse 2]
The L.I.E. the B.Q.E.
Hippies at the band shell with the LSD
Get my BVD's from VIM
You know I'm repping Manhattan the best I can
Stopped off at Bleeker Bob's, got thrown out
Sneaking' in at 4 AM after going out
They didn't rob me in the park at Dianna Ross
But everybody started looting when the lights went off

From the South South Bronx on out to Queens Bridge
From Hollis Queens right down to Bay Ridge
From Castle Hill to the Lower East Side
From 1010 WINS to Live At Five

Dear New York, this is a love letter
To you and how you brought us together
We can't say enough about all you do
Because in the city we ourselves and electric too


[Verse 3]
Shout out to South Bronx where my mom hails from
Right next to High Bridge across from Harlem
To the Grand Concourse where my mom and dad met
Before they moved on down to the Upper West

I see you're still strong after all that's gone on
Lifelong we dedicate this song
Just a little something to show some respect
To the city that blends and mends and tests

Since 911, we're still living
And loving life we've been given
Ain't nothing going to take that away from us
Were looking pretty and gritty because in the city we trust

Dear New York, I know a lot has changed
Two towers down but you're still in the game
Home to many rejecting no one
Accepting peoples of all places, wherever they from

[Chorus] X2