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The Police - Filming the Police and Their War on the Homeless

Austin is supposed to be a "progressive" place that cares about the homeless--at least that is what politicians claim. However, the reality is that the Austin Police Department has been engaged in a longstanding war against the homeless. The homeless are regularly detained, harassed, cited, beaten, and arrested by the police. Very few people in "progressive" Austin seem to care.

On a recent Peaceful Streets Project Cop Watch we stumbled upon two Austin Police Officers (Michael Procopio #7624 & Bradley Boatner #8057) who detained and ultimately arrested a homeless man. During the cop watch we released the Peaceful Streets Project Cop Watch Drone to get a different angle of the stop. The police couldn't tell the drone to back up so Procopio told one of our cop watchers to back up. Our cop watcher ignored the request, or the illegal order, depending how you want to take Procopio's request.

We are currently trying to identify the man who was arrested so we can aid in his legal defense.

Music: "Watchin U Watchin Me" by Master Mark - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWHAnS9KOVs

February 13, 2016


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