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Tears For Fears - Tears for Fears - Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011 (Show Completo)

Tercera presentación de Tears for Fears en Argentina. El show está completo.


-Montagues And Capulets
-Everybody Wants to Rule the World (02:10)
-Secret World (06:38)
-Sowing the Seeds of Love (11:28)
-Change (19:57)
-Call Me Mellow (24:30)
-Everybody Loves a Happy Ending (28:14)
-Mad World (33:36)
-Memories Fade (37:10)
-Closest Thing to Heaven (42:35)
-Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover) (46:09)
-Advice for the Young at Heart (50:46)
-Floating Down the River (54:25)
-Badman's Song (01:01:25)
-Pale Shelter (01:11:33)
-Break It Down Again (01:16:12)
-Head Over Heels (01:20:54)


-Woman in Chains (01:25:59)
-Shout (01:32:27)

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