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The Doors - The Doors Live at "PBS Critique" 1969 Full Show

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► Info:
PBS Critique's color broadcast titled "A Profile of Jim Morrison and The Doors - On and Off Stage'. The performance was filmed on April 28th, and the Interview on April 29th. The panel discussion was later filmed on May 23rd. It is unknown wether or not more footage exists from this performance. Includes the only known complete live recording of 'The Soft Parade'. Frank Lisciandro, who was on site photographing the show, recalled in his book that Light My Fire was performed, although recently Frank has revealed that Light My Fire was not performed on this show. Also featured is a 10 minute interview with the band by Richard Goldstein in which Jim attempts to read from 'The Lords And New Creatures'. The panel discussion includes Richard Goldstein, Patricia Kennealy, William 'Rosko' Mercer from WNEW-FM, and Alfred G. Aronowitz. The show was originally broadcast on WNET - Channel 13 in New York, and re-broadcast on June 29.◄

►Early broadcasts of this performance do not include the panel discussion. A clean copy of this performance exists in The Doors archive, however it may not include the panel discussion, giving reason as to why an inferior (complete) copy was used on the Soundstage Performances DVD. Portions of the cleaner footage were used on the The Doors Collection DVD.◄

Tell All The People/Alabama Song/Backdoor Man/Wishful Sinful/Build Me A Woman/Interview/The Soft Parade

RECORDING DATE: 04/28-29/1969
LENGTH: 56:28
HOST: Richard Goldstein

Frank Lisciandro

06/25/1969 - WNET (Channel 13) - New York, NY
06/29/1969 - WNET (Channel 13) - New York, NY
07/19/1969 - KCET - Los Angeles, CA
08/24/1969 - KQED - San Francisco, CA
09/07/1969 - KDIN - Des Moines, IO
01/25/1970 - KCET - Los Angeles, CA
03/10/1970 - WNET (Channel 13) - New York, NY