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Tyga - TYGA - Before They Were Famous

Before Tyga would be signed by Young Money Entertainment
Before Tyga would wife up Kylie Jenner and father a child with Blac Chyna.
Before he went on the road performing with Gym Class Heroes with his cousin Travis McCoy.

Tyga born Michael Stevenson whose artist name is an acronym for Thank You God Always was raised in Compton California in the gang and gun culture common in this area.

But his street cred would come into question after he appeared on an MTV show stating that his mother gave him his name cause he looks like Tiger Woods and also stating that he was from a privileged upbringing.

Michael Ray Nguyen [ WIN ] Stevenson was born on November 19, 1989 in Compton, California. He was a shy child of Vietnamese and Jamaican descent who grew up listening to Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Cam'ron and Eminem among others.

At the age of 11 his family moved out of Compton to Gardena California a few blocks west and young Tyga atteneded Gardena High School but he would drop out before graduation. He would later complete his schooling getting his hands on his G.E.D.

He was focused on his music and would enter rap contests with friends from school and post songs in online chat rooms. And promoting a mixtape he had made around town.

His big break would come when he bumped into his cousin Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes inside L.A.’s Fight Club Sneaker Store. The two talked music and Tyga shared some of his work.

My name is Michael McCrudden documenting the life of Tyga prior to fame here for you on Before They Were Famous.

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